How to get your Confirmation Certificate / “Kumpil”

One way to acquire your Confirmation Certificate is to attend a confirmation rite at:

ImageNational Shrine of St. Michael and the Archangels

1000 J.P. Laurel St. cor. Gen Solano St. San Miguel, Manila
Contact No. 734-1271

Confirmation schedules:

Thursdays – 2:30 p.m.

Sundays – 10:00 a.m.


  1. Baptismal Certificate (Original)
  2. Baptismal Certificate (Photocopy) to be submitted to the clergy**If getting married, the Baptismal Certificate should bear the annotation of: “For Marriage Purposes”
  3. Bring 1 Witness to be your Sponsor. **The church recommends someone older than the participant/s. It can be anyone; they don’t check relations or ids.
  4. Wear appropriate church clothes.
  5. Pay Php 600.00 per person for the whole service.

The church prefers that the participants be an hour early for the registration. No need to make reservations through phone but I would recommend calling the church before going to make sure of the program. Pay the fee during the registration, get your receipt.

The confirmation will start right after the mass. The whole church will be occupied with other participants. Boys and girls will be asked to seat separately; Girls will be seated on the left side of the church and the boys on the right. Sponsors can seat anywhere.

Each partaker will be given a leaflet of the program and will be asked to all together read out the answers to the priest. The Priest being the “Obispo” and the participants the “Bayan” in the handout. Foreigners and others who cannot understand Tagalog would be grouped together and would be given a different leaflet.

The service will take an hour; it will consist of songs, a sermon, the reading and a pledge to the priest. Then all the participants will be called one by one to receive their Confirmation Certificate. Make sure that your name is spelled correctly. For misspelled names, just go to the registration counter right away and they will reprint your Certificate for no extra charge.

Photo taking is allowed.